Starting Point

Interested in taking your next step to becoming All In at All Church?
Check out the steps below!

Starting Point is the best way for you to learn more about All Church. It's a 3-week, easy way for you to discover who we are and what makes us All Church.

1. Why All In?

Why do we make such a big deal about being "All in" at All Church? How did All Church start and what are some of the basic beliefs of All Church?

2. Finding Your Place

Here we'll help you identify your spiritual gift(s) and lay out a blueprint for how you can get involved and join the All Church Crew! There is nothing more fun at All Church than moving off the sidelines and getting into the game! We want to help you do that!

3. Finding your people

We know that sometimes it can be tough to connect in a church. We'll help you discover all the different ways to connect. We believe we aren't meant to do life alone, so we want to help you find your people at All Church.

4. Being All In

Are you ready to jump in and help us continue to reach our city and the world for Jesus?  We hope so!